Drain Rock


Putting a value on Poly Rock

(Note: For reference, please see the asterisked septic system installations on the left side of THIS WEBPAGE.

Poly Rock has significant benefits over standard drain rock which has been used for years. There is a challenge in putting a "price" on this product as it not only acts as a substitution product; it has such different material properties that it literally changes the whole installation process.

Using standard drain rock involves: Purchasing drain rock, trucking to jobsite, unloading on the ground as close to site as possible, moving rock to the trench (placing), and final clean up. In regards to the above referenced installations , this process is substantially simplified.

Below is a calculation of expenses involved with using standard drain rock, based on $20 per yard FOB the gravel pit.

What it does not show is the "hidden costs" of coordinating extra equipment and manpower to operate this equipment. As an experienced installer, I would add another $400 to this making this aspect of the installation worth $1500. Based on the logistics and calculations I put a value of $50 per cubic yard on Poly Rock. This does not mean that this could be achieved in the marketplace; it is simply a guide as to the value of it.