Septic System Services for BC
Reference: Two Specific Products for Rural Housing: Poly Tank | Poly Rock Drainage Material

Dear Potential Dealer,

Do you have a sound working knowledge of construction?

Can you provide a good working relationship with home owners?

Do you like to work with Innovative Products?

Are you okay with travelling a little outside of your home base?

Becoming our representative is a logical choice for you!

We are proposing a working relationship to provide a full suite of products and services regarding Poly Tank and Poly Rock Drainage Material to contractors and home owners that wish to get a high value septic system at the most economical price. We are in the process of making the transition to a supply company over the next few years and would like to switch our focus to promoting the companies that not only use our products, but also share the same customer values that we have.

Our goal is to develop a good working relationship with at least one representative in each region of British Columbia. Once this has been accomplished, we can discuss promotional strategies for a province wide marketing program with traditional and non-traditional media.

Our success rate at procuring jobs has always been quite high as we have three decades of fulfilling customer needs. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you soon!

Thank you,

Jim Ripley

(250) 863-8372

The Turtle Man